IMG_1239Hi, I’m Ines. I am a geophysicist from the south-western part of Germany. At the end of 2012 I received a card from a good friend. It says…

It is your life! Do what you love and do it often. If you are dissatisfied with something, change it. If you’re looking for the love of your life, stop it. It’ll find you, when you start doing things you love. Stop analyzing everything, life is easier as it seems. All feelings are precious! When you eat, enjoy every bite. Open your mind, your arms and your heart for new people and new things. Enjoy the little things in life! Travel much – losing the way will help you finding yourself. Some occasions appear only once – take them. Life is  about the people you meet and the things you create with them. So, go and create something. Life is short – so live your dream and share your passion.

… and it’s so true. Hence, ever since I received the card, I read it once a day to myself to not forget how I want to live my life. So, having finshed my PhD at the end of 2013, the question arose what I would like to do for living. And as I didn’t know the answer, I decided that this is the perfect time for a journey. The destination was quickly found: I decided to go on a journey through Central America that will – in the best case – not only lead from Panama to Belize but also to myself.

So, the purpose of this blog is mainly to keep my family and friends as well as the people I meet throughout my journey up-to-date where I just am and what I’m currently doing. But at the moment most of my blog entries are available only in German. However, this is supposed to change soon, as I also want to keep my non-german-speaking friends up-to-date. Hence, hopefully soon, I can include an english site.

So, have fun reading my entries and looking at the pictures and don’t hesitate to comment on them.

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  1. Hshem sagt:

    Dear Ines,

    I am glad to heard good news about your PhD.
    I remember that you making delicious cake and brings them to the institute for us. I am sure that your cake will be more delicious and colorful with Iranin Safforn. Therefore I decided to send you a little of it (“a little” because it is very expensive(^_^)). I do this maybe in response of yor kindly character. Please send me your mail address.

    Best regards,


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