Treasure hunt: 9

Reward for the treasure hunt: Valentine's day party

Reward for the treasure hunt: Valentine’s day party

2 thoughts on “Treasure hunt: 9

  1. Noah Fleischer sagt:

    What is a dirty poncho?

    • Ines Veile sagt:

      I think this might be something that is really difficult to understand not having been with us at Lost&Found. However, I’ll try: in the woods up there it gets pretty chilly in the evenings and nights when the sun is gone. Hence, they offer woolen ponchos that you can wear during that time. As some of us had no party clothes with us, these ponchos might have looked like dresses and – what is even more important – made people actually feel very comfortable. Somehow, this brought something up that could be called a running gag. And that is the reason why there was a special drink at the party called “Dirty Poncho” consisting of white and brown rum, pineapple juice, grenadine, lemon, ice and more rum… 😉 And I can tell you: thanks to the barkeeper, it was really good!

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